Welcome to the improved Vintage Lamborghini Garage web site. Since the VLG was formed back in late 2002, our membership has risen from the original six to over 1,100 forum members. Yahoo has been a reliable host but many pointed out the shortcomings and limitations of this arrangement. We really needed a better vehicle for hosting our site but Yahoo was free and we had no way to generate money to create a fully-hosted web site.

Then serendipity struck. In early December, 2009, Aaron Robinson's friend, Paul Grusche offered to help create a dedicated site for us. I had met Paul at Concorso Italiano. He runs a small automotive marketing firm and art studio at Groosh.com. He recognized the potential synergy that could result in creation of a new VLG forum which could also serve to advertise his enterprise. Fred Paroutaud and I worked with Paul in creating the site design and in helping de-bug problems. We also had help from Thomas Knudsen, and later, Derek McCallister who is helping maintain the site to this day.

With the passage of time, I plan to proceed with what Fred Paroutaud and I started and will continue to upgrade the site so stay tuned! In the meantime, we hope you like the new format and will continue to make the Vintage Lamborghini garage the premier vintage Lamborghini site on the World Wide Web.


Jack Riddell (Owner/Moderator) e-mail  lambojack@cox.net

Bob Staaterman (Moderator)  e-mail  staats@optonline.net

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Thanks, and enjoy!