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Companies starting with D

Dash Central Console Early Series II Espada Reproduction

Obtainable from user Bernhard Jungblut at www.vintagelamborghini.com. Made of laser cut light allow. Fits only early Series II Espada (clock between the air vent outlets).
Distributor Cap and Rotor Arm Jarama/Espada Substitute

Distributor Cap and Rotor Arm Jarama/Espada Substitute

For Marelli 129C Manufacturer: Marelli/Jaguar, Part Nos.: JLM1909 (Cap) LU-328 (Rotor) For: Jaguar XJS V12, 1989 bis 1996, from VIN 157118. No plug and play, an adaptor needs to be made for the rotor, but no great problems with that. Optically very similar and quite a lot cheaper (better: less excessive expensive). As a sidenote: The rotor of the Alfa Romeo Montreal does not fit (in contrast to some internet and dealer representations), they look exactly the same but the Monti rotor is a few mm shorter.

Durafix - Aluminum Welding with a Torch

Taylors, South Carolina

Based in England. U.S. Rep is located in South Carolina. This product enables users to create strong aluminum welds using a simple torch.