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Lamborghini Clubs Listing with Links

A link to all the various Lamborghini clubs around the world.


Leesville, SC

Stock parts for Countach and can supply parts for any Lamborghini, as long as customer has a part number and Lamborghini still shows part as a good number. Rebuild V12 engines, brakes, etc. etc. Anything but body work, (a man has to know his limitations, quote Clint Easwood)

803 532 6257 h/s 803 798 3044 cell


Xenia, Ohio

On-line source of many Lamborghini parts and accessories. They have everything from manuals to complete engines.


LamboWerkstatt (Lambo Garage)

Seawald Erzsgrube

This is Wolfgang Instinski's shop in Germany. Know for his concours restorations. Also has many parts for vintage Lamborghinis.

++49 7448 9133051
LamboWerkstatt - Wolfgang Instinsky (Germany)

LamboWerkstatt - Wolfgang Instinsky (Germany)

Seewald Erzgrube

Wolfgang is a full service parts and restoration shop in Stuttgart, Germany. He carries OEM parts for all the early Lamborghinis, even some of the really hard-to-find items, like The quilted hood material used in Espadas. His work is flawless....

++ 49 7448 9133051

Leatherique Leather Restoration Products

Aiken, South Carolina

Located in South Carolina, they make products that will bring dead leather back to life again. Used by several VLG members who swear by its effectiveness.


Leda Suspension

Bassingham, Lincolnshire

For over 30 years Leda Suspension has been manufacturing race proven, cost effective shock absorbers, and this tradition continues under new ownership. The basic Leda range of oil filled struts, inserts, coilovers and dampers is offered with a single bump and rebound adjuster. This specification can be upgraded to include twin and triple damping adjusters, remote canisters, and gas pressurization

01636 705 707

Lucas Parts Online (UK)

Lanesfield, Wolverhampton

Source of Lucas electrical parts (as used in many early Lamborghinis).

01902 491980