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Companies starting with W

Weber Carbs Direct

Hauppauge, New York

Great source of all things Weber. They have kits for the 40DCOE for only $19.95. They also stock jets, filters, etc. for all our models.

(866) 679-3237

Wheel Bearing Front Jarama/Espada, maybe Jalpa/Urraco also

Deemed more or less unobtainable for Lamborghini SKF 615645A, made for Citroen C5, C6, DS4 und Peugeot, Part Nos: PWK0724 (BRT), 335082 (Citroen, Peugeot), Dimension 45 x 83 x 44. Very moderately priced, made by various manufacturers with giant price ranges, I would stick to FAG (about 60.-- Euro)



Modern replacement for the Bosch Starter Motor. LMS303 fitted to early Jarama without difficulty.