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Companies starting with K

Karp's Power Brakes (California)

Upland, California

Ron and Jeff Karp can re-sleeve and/or rebuild the early Girling and Lockheed power units. They can also re-sleeve the master and clutch cylinders. Expect about $300.00 per booster for a rebuild.


Kilimanjaro Designs, Ltd. - Parker Hall

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Here is a note posted by Craig regarding Kilimanjaro's products and services: I just received my Kilimanjaro Designs catalog today after talking with Parker Hall on last Wednesday. What a thrill! This man produces all the decals, aluminum plates(distributor/coil), stamps, tools, and other details for 1950-1974 era Ferrari. I am grateful to Lou Islero Herrin for the info on contacting Parker. The items I see right off hand that might be suitable are- Magnetti Marelli stickers for coils, aluminum Marelli plates for distributors, heater valves, exhaust hangers, ANSA stickers, Bendix sticker (altho German version), battery case stickers (maybe), Fiamm horn sticker (pretty close), tools, Pirelli hose stickers, red fiber washers for fuel, rubber Marelli coil terminal boots, metal tie wraps, and lead hammers. Parkers posted hours are 6pm - 10pm CST Monday-Friday all day Saturday. p>

Kingsborne Wire Works

Kingsborne Wire Works

San Marcos, California

Ignition wires for every vintage Lamborghini model.


Koni North America

Hebron, Kentucky

Rebuilder source for Koni shock absorbers.

1-800-994-KONI (ext. 8001 or 606-586-4100