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Companies starting with R

Ragnifranco (Italy)

Torino (Turin), Lombardia

Source of reproduction badges for many Italian cars. They have some of the badges and scripts used on early Lamborghinis.

+39 011 6505 854 or +39 011 66 87113

Rare Parts Netherlands


Source of hard-to-find Lamborghini parts at reasonable prices.

+31 (0) 26 8452015


East Goodrich, Texas

A supplier of exceptional quality New Old Stock and original equipment manufactured parts for vintage Italian cars. Specializing in the use of original materials from Italy.


Ricambi-Toro (Germany)


Stefan Kuntz's amazing facility in Neurnberg. He has everything for vintage lamborghinis including entire engines! A major source of rare parts.

+49 (0) 911 8169700

ROIN Technology - Reproduction Lamborghini Wheels

Verona, Italy

Located in Verona, Italy, this company produces wheels for Miuras, Espadas, etc. They look very good!
39 045 8779288

Ron Davies Racing Products, Inc.

Glendale, Arizona

This company can fabricate custom aluminum radiators. They have engineering drawings for the 350, 400, and Islero models. They can also fabricate oil coolers.

1-800-842-5166 or 623-877-5000

Rootes Group Depot - California

Santa Clara, California

Expert service on Girling boosters. Full service rebuilders. Ask for Bill Martin.