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Companies starting with H

Hardwood Classics

Hardwood Classics

Los Osos, California

Steering wheel restoration service. Bruce Crawford can turn your worn out steering wheel into a wooden masterpiece.

Headlamp Lid Raising Motor Jarama Substitute

Headlamp Lid Raising Motor Jarama Substitute

Parvalux, Part No.: PM8, http://de.rs-online.com/webdocs/12b5/0900766b812b547f.pdf . It is difficult to find an shop who wants to recondition small electric motors like this. The Parvalux PM8 with 4000 rpm is a usable substitute, both with respect to mechanical fit, electrical properties and function (speed of raising or lowering the lid) . The engine needs minor mechanical adaptation and then is a good replacement, thereby leving the option of retrofitting the original device.

Heritage Trim

North Vancouver, British Columbia

Source of hard-to-find upholstery materials; carpet, headlining, etc.

360-332-3022 (U.S.); 604-990-0346 (Canada)

Hillborn Car Interiors

Orlando, Florida

Moved from California to Florida. They do excellent custom work and can perfectly duplicate the diamond pattern upholstery used in the early Lamborghini engine compartments.

Holden Vintage and Classic

Holden Vintage and Classic

Bromyard, Herefordshire

Source of Lucas ignition and electrical parts. Located in England.

01885 488488

HVL (Netherlands)

Henk van Lith (HVL) has a company that advertises a supply of original pattern leather and other interior materials for vintage exotics like Lamborghinis. Pricey but appears to have the right materials for a quality restoration. JPR

+ (31) - (0)344 – 661610

HVL Car Interiors

Lohrville, Iowa

Specialists in Molded Automotive Carpet and Leather and Simulated Seat Covers.