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Companies starting with M

Marelli Service

Los Osos, California

Located in Los Osos, California, this shop specializes in rebuilding Marelli distributors. Not cheap. Owner is Tom Meadows.



A major source of parts for vintage Lamborghinis. Jacques has re-created many parts for our cars and sells them through his web site at maseratisource.com and on eBay. Fair prices and very responsive service to his customers.

Mister Fiat Parts

An on-line site that has parts for a wide variety of Italian cars including Lamborghini. Lots of rubber items but very pricey.

Address/location not given nor is the e-mail address.


Ultimate resource for all things dealing with Miura details.

Moldex Crankshafts

Redford, Michigan

Moldex can reproduce crankshafts from solid billets. According to their site, they can make replacements for any car.


MOOG Suspension Parts

Stephenville, Texas

A great source of Universal Joints for the early cars. Using their chart, you can find a U-joint for almost any application.

MOV'IT Brakes (Germany)

MOV'IT Brakes (Germany)


Producer of high quality, after-market brakes for just about any car.

+49 (0) 7221-992079-0