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Bearing Sources

ARN Trading Limited t/a AHR International

ARN Trading Limited t/a AHR International

Hertfordshire, Saint Albans

Located in the UK, they can re-manufacture impossible-to-find bearings for our vintage cars. This includes the RIV bearings used in the chain idlers. Point of contact is Mr. Alan Rolnick. 

Peters Bearings (Germany)

Peters Bearings (Germany)

Neumarkt St. Veit

A great source for some of the RIV bearing replacements on early Lamborghinis. They even carry the extremely hard to find chain idler double row bearing and the 32 mm double row wheel bearings. A valuable resource for vintage Lamborghini owners.

+49 (0)8639 985 485

VXB Bearings

Anaheim, California

Good source of virtually every kind of bearing. They even have the needle roller bearings such as those used in the Lamborghini oil pumps and the chain idlers.

(800) 928-4430