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Brake System Rebuilding

J & L Spares (England)

Castleton, Rochdale, Lancashire

They can re-sleeve any of the early brake cylinders and they also carry some spares.

+44 (0) 1706 644210

Karp's Power Brakes (California)

Upland, California

Ron and Jeff Karp can re-sleeve and/or rebuild the early Girling and Lockheed power units. They can also re-sleeve the master and clutch cylinders. Expect about $300.00 per booster for a rebuild.


Power Brake Exchange

San Jose, California

Brake booster rebuilding and exchange. Includes both the Girling and Lockheed units. They also have a facility near Los Angeles.


Rootes Group Depot - California

Santa Clara, California

Expert service on Girling boosters. Full service rebuilders. Ask for Bill Martin.