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Apostle and Nelson


Loctite vacuum impregnation. As of 2013, cost for sealing a V8 cylinder head is about $200.00. Not a bad idea considering the porosity of the Lamborghini cast aluminum head.

Application Associates - Baldwin Oil Filter Source

P.O. Box 488, Middlesex, New Jersey

This is a great source for the P-162 Baldwin oil filters used on most of the early V12 engines.
732-627-9400; Toll-Free: 1-800-327-2247

Application Associates-Baldwin Filters r Us

Middlesex, New Jersey

A great (and reasonably priced) source of the P162 Baldwin oil filters. As of mid-2013, price for a case of 12 was U.S. $137.00.

Office 732.627.9400 | Toll Free 800.327.2247
ARN Trading Limited t/a AHR International

ARN Trading Limited t/a AHR International

Hertfordshire, Saint Albans

Located in the UK, they can re-manufacture impossible-to-find bearings for our vintage cars. This includes the RIV bearings used in the chain idlers. Point of contact is Mr. Alan Rolnick. 


BRC Pistons

Live Oak, Florida

BRC is located in Live Oak, Florida and have been making pistons for race cars for many years. They produce custom pistons for just about any application. They built the pistons in my 400GT 2+2 when I need .020 oversize and the pistons have performed perfectly. BRC is also and authorized dealer for BRC piston rings. They can match your needs for rings when you order the pistons and they will select the rings based on your driving habits.

Clutch Automat Jarama/Espada Cross Reference

Clutch Automat Jarama/Espada Cross Reference

Clutch automat: Listed for Triumph Stag und MGB-GT V8. Attantion, should be an original AP Device (no Chinese stuff, or "alternative specification) . The original AP device is absolutely identical (technically and optically) with the original automate, except to irrelevant details. Should look like in the image shown here.
Clutch Plate Jarama/Espada, Cross Reference

Clutch Plate Jarama/Espada, Cross Reference

Clutch plate: Sachs / AP Part No.: 1862977001 . Fitted to some models of Iveco Daily I and II, but always refer to the parts number. AP is NOT AP Racing. Costs typically around 80.-- to 100.--.

CPS Speical Pistons - Turin, Italy

Torino (Turin)

Here is their website: http://www.pistonispeciali.com/EN/cars.htm#.XMjVjqR7mUk They produce custom pistons for most of the early Lamborghinis. In Turin, Italy


Elgin Cams

Santa Rosa, California

This shop can restore your worn and pitted cam to new condition. If the cam is too far gone, they can make a new one to original specifications. Located in Santa Rosa, California.

(707) 545-6115

Moldex Crankshafts

Redford, Michigan

Moldex can reproduce crankshafts from solid billets. According to their site, they can make replacements for any car.

SKF Seals

SKF Seals

Worldwide source of seals. They carry all of the circular seals used in vintage Lamborghinis including the rear main.