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Repair and Restoration Shops

Car Wood Restoration

Kent, Birchington

Can restore anything made of wood and used in automobiles. Located in Kent, England. Ask for Paul.

+44 1843 844962
Colin Clarke Engineering

Colin Clarke Engineering

Sarratt, Rickmansworth, Herts - U.K.

Renowned service in the repair and restoration of Lamborghini and Ferrari automobiles. Located in the U.K.

01923 274545

Evans Automotive

Columbus, Ohio

George Even's facility in Ohio. George has a long history of providing high quality service and parts for vintage and exotic cars, including the early Lamborghinis.


Exoticars USA

Milford, New Jersey

Wil and Sandy DeGroot's facility located in New Jersey. Wil has been servicing and repairing vintage Lamborghinis for many years and has earned a reputation of honest and excellent work.


Fields Motorcars Orlando

Longwood, Florida

Source of OEM parts for all Lamborghini models.

Service: (888) 685-1917 Parts: (888) 396-9588
GP Enterprises

GP Enterprises

Redwood City, California

Geoff Provo's shop in Palo Alto, California. Geoff was able to repair my very damaged cylinder head and restore it to new condition. He is meticulous in all of his work and his engine restorations are exceptional. He also has some parts for our early Lamborghinis.

LamboWerkstatt - Wolfgang Instinsky (Germany)

LamboWerkstatt - Wolfgang Instinsky (Germany)

Seewald Erzgrube

Wolfgang is a full service parts and restoration shop in Stuttgart, Germany. He carries OEM parts for all the early Lamborghinis, even some of the really hard-to-find items, like The quilted hood material used in Espadas. His work is flawless....

++ 49 7448 9133051


Ultimate resource for all things dealing with Miura details.

O.D.D. Parts - Jim Simpson

Sonoma, California

In California. This is a one man shop operated by a craftsman who can repair or reproduce just about anything. Check out the examples on his web site.

Shop: 707-939-1457; Cell: 707-738-9661

PM Autos - Mansfield's Vintage Garage

San Diego, California

A restoration and repair shop in San Diego that is owned by good friend Dr. Perry Mansfield. Perry owns the racing 400GT 2+2, a dual sunroof Jarama, and a lime green Islero with white leather on the interior. He is a genuine enthusiast.


Sports and Classic Car Services - Australia

Braeside, Victoria

Paul Plaszac's facility in Australia. Well known for quality repairs and restoration work on Lamborghinis, among others.

03 9587 3423
Symbolic Motors Service Department

Symbolic Motors Service Department

San Diego, California

They service and restore exotics, including Lamborghinis. They are also a source of OEM parts for vintage cars.

Service: 858-454-1800; Parts: 888-737-6557

Top Motors - Italy

Nonantola, M.O.

The facility is located in Nonantola, only five minutes away from the factory. The owner, Orazio, was a production line mechanic with Lamborghini until his retirement. His son, Luca, also works in the shop and recently restored is own 400Gt 2+2. Top Motors does restorations with only OEM parts. Orazio has sources in the area where he can still find original parts for all the early cars. They do exceptional work.
059 54 92 24