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Wheel Rebuilding and Restoration

Eric Vaughn Machine

Monrovia, California

This facility, located in Monrovia, California, specializes in the modification of aluminum wheels. Then can make them narrower or wider, depending on your needs. Out-of-round accuracy is less than .005 inches.

Precision Wire Wheels - Cork Adams

Precision Wire Wheels - Cork Adams

Quincy, Illinois

Cork rebuilds the Borrani wire wheels to better than new condition. All of the concours winner over the past several years have had wheels restored by Mr. Adams. Enough said!

Turrino Wire Wheels

Turrino Wire Wheels

Kingscliffe, Near Peterborough

Located in the U.K. This company restores wire wheels (they have a section devoted to Borrani wire wheels). They also manufacture and sell reproductions that look exactly like the original Borranis (at less money than a Borrani).

+44 1780 470460