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AMH Exotic Parts

Calloway, Ohio

Source of Lamborghini parts In Ohio and on-line.


Application Associates - Baldwin Oil Filter Source

P.O. Box 488, Middlesex, New Jersey

This is a great source for the P-162 Baldwin oil filters used on most of the early V12 engines.
732-627-9400; Toll-Free: 1-800-327-2247

Application Associates-Baldwin Filters r Us

Middlesex, New Jersey

A great (and reasonably priced) source of the P162 Baldwin oil filters. As of mid-2013, price for a case of 12 was U.S. $137.00.

Office 732.627.9400 | Toll Free 800.327.2247

Autoepoca (Italy)

Source of some hard to find parts for early Lamborghinis. The even stock that little ashtray used on the 400GTs as well as a lot of insignia.

From U.S.: 00 39 0465 322159
Autoricambi d'Epoca/Old Timer Parts

Autoricambi d'Epoca/Old Timer Parts

Not Provided, Not Provided

This company carries an impressive assortment of parts for early models is just about every category. Even some really hard to find items.

0039 0465 322159

Black Bart's Emporium

East Palatka, Florida

Black Bart's has a large selection of reproduction badges and emblems for vintage Lamborghinis. That includes scripts, such as 400GT 2+2, Espada, etc.


Bobileff Motorcars

San Diego, California

Gary Bobileff is the high guru when it comes to the restoration of early Lamborghinis, particularly Miuras. His shop in the northern part of San Diego County has some outstanding facilities for both service and parts.


Borrani Americas

Neenah, Wisconsin

Borrani wheel distributor for the U.S. The noted web site has links to most of the world's Borrani distributors. The U.S. contact is Mr. Jim Wallner.

+1 920-725-1267

BRC Pistons

Live Oak, Florida

BRC is located in Live Oak, Florida and have been making pistons for race cars for many years. They produce custom pistons for just about any application. They built the pistons in my 400GT 2+2 when I need .020 oversize and the pistons have performed perfectly. BRC is also and authorized dealer for BRC piston rings. They can match your needs for rings when you order the pistons and they will select the rings based on your driving habits.


Buchanan Wire Spokes

Azusa, California

Located in Azusa California, Buchanan has or can make wire spokes and nipples for virtually any wheel. They have stainless steel spokes for the Borrani wheels.


Century Springs

Los Angeles, California

Reasonably priced source of coil springs for Lamborghinis.


Cicognaniguarnizioni - Rubber Reproduction for Lamborghini

Alfonsine (RA)

Based in Italy, this company reproduces every rubber part on your vintage Lamborghini, including engine mounts.

39 0544 83311

Coil Spring Specialties

St. Marys, Kansas

Maker of custom coil (suspension) springs. Located in Kansas.


Durafix - Aluminum Welding with a Torch

Taylors, South Carolina

Based in England. U.S. Rep is located in South Carolina. This product enables users to create strong aluminum welds using a simple torch.


Eaton Detroit Spring, Inc.

Detroit, Michigan

Custom coil springs for all models.

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